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Purge Project Data


Blocs comes with a selection of purge options that are designed to clear key pieces of data that are stored within a Blocs project. These options can be found in the apps main menu under Developer > Purge Project Data.

Purge Functions

Each purge option is designed to remove specific data from a project, the list below highlights the data each option will erase.

Clear All Custom Classes – Removes all custom classes across all breakpoints.
Clear All Project Assets – Removes all project assets.
Clear All Global Swatches – Removes all Global Swatches.
Clear All Background Images – Removes all Bloc background images.
Clear All Custom Project Data – Removes all of the above.


Any data that is erased using the purge controls cannot be undone. Please create a project backup before you use the purge options.

Updated on 11th June 2019

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