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In order to resolve your issue in the most efficient way, please select the relevant support query from the options below.

Setup Issues
If you are having trouble installing or running Blocs, we recommend reading this knowledge base post on getting set up.
Design Issues
If you need help building your website or are having trouble getting the desired look, we recommend visiting the Blocs community Forum. On the forum you will find many Blocs users who are always willing to help.
Hosting Issues
If you are having trouble with your site once it has been hosted, i.e images not showing or forms not working correctly. We recommend reading this knowledge base post on trouble shooting hosting issues.
Upgrade Issues
If you are looking for information about upgrading from Blocs V2 to V3, please read this article.
Reporting Bugs
If you have found a bug and want to report it, you can get help here.
Lost License Number
If you have lost your license number and need it resent, you can do that here.
Student/Academic Discounts
If you are looking to obtain a student/academic discount, please refer to this dedicated article that covers how to get in touch and the information we require.