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Project Will Not Load

The Problem

My project will no longer load and its file size seems really big.

The Cause

There was an issue in Blocs V3 that caused duplicate asset data to be written into project files, which could cause projects to increase in size. Once the project file gets really big, it may appear to not load. However, if you leave Blocs, the project will eventually load after several minutes.

The Solution

Blocs V3.5.8 has a new feature built in, to remove these duplicate assets. Before you run this function make sure you create a backup of your project and then follow the steps below.

1. Open your project in Blocs V3 (it make take several minutes if its large).
2. Select Developer > Purge Project Data > Clear All Duplicate Assets from the Main Menu.

After this function is complete, Blocs will tell you how many duplicated assets have been removed. When you save the project, its size will now be dramatically reduced, meaning it will load quicker.

Updated on 15th December 2020

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