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Package A Project

There are times when you may need to work on projects across multiple computers, if your Blocs project is set up to use the embedded asset workflow then the process is relatively painless, as all assets are located within a single file. If, however, you prefer to use externally linked assets in your Blocs projects, you may find the task of locating and transporting all of the linked assets that are used within a project, a little time consuming.

Blocs has a package feature that is designed to help streamline this process.

What is a package

A package is a type of export that contains a copy of the main Blocs .bloc project file and also copies of all of the projects linked assets such as images, video and music as well. When a package is generated, all of the assets are organised into subdirectories within the main package directory, making it easy to transport the project in its entirety to other Macs.

Generate a package

To generate a package, open a Blocs project, and then navigate to and select File > Export > Generate Package from the main window menu bar.

Updated on 3rd October 2019

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