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Tabbed Content Bric

The Tabbed Content Bric provides a content area that has its content controlled by navigation tabs. Unlike most other Brics found within Blocs, the tabbed content Bric is made up of two separate parts, a List Bric and a Div Bric. Both elements that make up the tabbed content Bric contain important custom data attributes that enable them to work in unison.

Adding More Tabs

To add more tabs, simply select one of the list item tabs via the layer tree and duplicate it using the keyboard shortcut ⌘D. Take care to also duplicate the content area Div that will be needed in order to display the content.


The list element from a tabbed content area, displays the tab links that are clicked in order to reveal the relevant tab content. Each of these links has a URL interaction set, this URL points to an ID, for example #nav-36725-content-3 and a custom attribute named aria-controls with a matching ID without the # at the beginning, for example nav-36725-content-3. These ID’s also match with the custom data attribute aria-labelledby, which is found on the tabbed content Div element that is related to this tab link.

Tab container div aria-labelledby custom attribute

Beginners Tip

If you make changes to the tab link URL interaction or you are trying to add more tabbed areas, make sure you also update these changes to the aria-controls and aria-labelledby custom data attributes so they all match.

For more detailed information on how Tabbed content areas work, please refer to the Bootstrap 4 docs.

Updated on 3rd December 2018

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